Open your AnonVPN passwords and settings email you received when you signed up. The username and password in this email is also going to be your login credentials for the cloud torrent.

  1. Click the Cloud Torrent Server URL. Ex. and enter your login credentials.

2. Once logged in you are greeted with the screen below.

3. If you would like to download a torrent you can click the  icon in the search bar and select a torrent file on your computer and click Open.

Or you can paste the magnet you would like to use in the search bar and click Load Magnet.


4. Once your torrent is downloaded to the Cloud Torrent you can click the file under Downloads to save it to your computer. If it is a file such as pictures, music or videos you can preview them before downloading to your computer.

5. Once you no longer need the file on the Cloud Torrent you can hover over the file under Downloads and click  and click  to confirm you want to delete the file.